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The future is undefined, an outcome of what we design today. But so much of what is predicted is negative, distopian and often apolitical. Join United Nations Champion of the Earth and founder of the UnSchool of Disruptive Design, Leyla Acaroglu for an experiential workshop into designing a future that works better for everyone, not just some.



There’s: euro-centered narratives, white male hegemony, all kinds of discrimination, minorities prevailing silence. But then: a collection of stories from a different continent – South America – of democratic resistance, grass-roots activism, cultural collectives and alternative currencies.



There’s: obsolete business models, false facts, mainstream narratives, underpaid-overworked journalists. But then: tech-powered new media, citizen journalism, the power of activism, street-level narratives, collaborative networks.



There’s: mass tourism, gentrification, insane traffic, global warming and development models far from sustainable. But then: smart mobility, human centered design, collaborative workspaces, cultural diversity, local heritages and communities to enhance.



There’s: handicraft traditions, preservation, remote communities and crafts. But then: displaying emotion by using data, contemporary design, digital culture, automated production and unconventional.



Tem Studio is one week ‘creatores-in-residence’ studio space for artists, designers, architects, musicians, makers, coders, researchers, performers interested in all sorts of digital experiments. On a special visit to, 10 digital artists from all around Europe present their work and creative process. | unconference | exhibition | blockparty



  • Steff Plaetz

    Steff Plaetz began painting in Bristol in the mid '90s, developing a loose and spontaneous style incorporating a uniquely 'freehand' stencilling approach based on 'automatic' drawings and sketches which retain their rawness through to the final artwork. Colliding ideas of bleak futro-industrial landscapes with dream-like snapshots of urban activity, Steff has exhibited his works internationally in Tokyo, New York, Osaka, Paris, Hong Kong, Brussels, Barcelona, Cologne and of course his home London, being commissioned and collected by Ian Brown, Michael Stipe and David Holmes (amongst others).

  • Cátia Castel-Branco

    Cátia Castel-Branco has been a creative professional and a photographer since 2006. She founded LACA, an integrated creative production company responsible for numerous projects including the creative direction and production of WINK magazine - the Pestana group hotel bi-annual publication and coffee table books (‘Per View’, ‘Pestana A to Z’ soon to be launched), editorials for magazines (Vogue, GQ) and solo exhibitions.

  • KWY

    KWY is a multidisciplinary platform investigating the nature of collaboration within the context of specific projects. KWY was founded in 2009 by architects Ben Allen and Ricardo Gomes in Berlin, and curator and editor James Bae in Los Angeles. KWY’s projects are collaborations between the principals and invited specialists. Recent collaborators include artists, writers, curators, educators, designers and other architects. With few initial preconceptions, each project begins with dialogue and analysis between the collaborators. This process-oriented methodology often leads to diverse thoughts that are otherwise unexpected and unimaginable.

  • Suzi Bila

    Her career began in Mozambique where, in 1996, she was one of the women's discoveries in the National Art Contest. Living in Portugal since then, she joined the Center for Art and Visual Communication (Ar-co) and it was there that, in the encounter with works by other authors, she freed herself from some of her earlier influences, creating what is now more according to what she believes and lives to. Due to her personal and professional development in the fields of art and education (which she started to study), Suzy was researching and perfecting the inclusion of the children various languages for the development of their curriculum, from day care, considering art as a tool for development of infantile thought.

  • Germes Gang

    Germes Gang crew started its career in the field of graffiti art a decade ago but quickly added drawings, videos, shirts and music into their oeuvre. Popular culture and consumerism represent main topics in their work as they incorporate both real and imaginary icons and famous brands into their intricate art pieces. Germes Gang portrays its own interpretation of cultural icons by supplying them with a unique, but contrary set of skills.

  • Diogo da Tita

    Diogo de Tita is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and has filled his limited portfolio with alluring images of a shiny figures. Combining viscous textures with cyborg-like features, these androgynous characters seem to be floating in some pastel - colored ether - sometimes alone, as well as with others.

  • Diane Giraud

    Diane Giraud is a visual artist, born in Paris, France. With a Master's degree in Business Law, she had a stint in the corporate world before pursuing her creative path, studying oil painting and drawing at the Ateliers des Beaux Arts in Paris. Naturally drawn to experimentation and craftsmanship, she also has a specific interest in installations whether as a piece or a means to deconstruct format and presentation for art, her projects include painting, sculpture and poetry.

  • G.F. Plez

    Having worked with the likes of Falco, Yello, Nina Hagen, Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier - just to name a few - Plez is considered an OG Pop Culture legend of the bustling 80s and 90s. His work has been crowned with Golden Records and awards, but he always insisted to stay real and celebrate the love of music, fashion and creativity. For the Unconference at Hub Criativo Beato, he is presenting his Alien Jazz Masters installation (an ongoing creative project of Plez, which he has been working on and exhibiting internationally over the past 10 years) in the context of the Dawn of Robots and AI becoming a part of our daily life and society.

  • Nicky Jacky Delphi

    Professional amateur in constant search of imperfection. Obsessed with capturing what most of us would walk right by. Unable to walk the streets without look up, down and sideways. @nickyjd's photos are like that one friend who awkwardly points fingers at something you wouldn't notice.

  • Georg Lauteren

    Founder of Austrian electronic music label TRUST and former head of Vienna's seminal media arts hub XDV, Georg Lauteren is a digital native since the 8bit days. He has run the independent music download service zero" from 2007 to 2013, published an iOS game, AGRAV, in 2015, curated numerous exhibitions and events on digital art and media, and has written extensively on the theory of video games and interactive texts. He currently lives in Vienna and Berlin.

  • Daniela Ribeiro

    Daniela Ribeiro was born in Mozambique in 1972. Her work is concerned with contemporary man. From being a part of nature, man has become an engineer; empowered he attempts to shape nature around him. Her art work observes that facet of humanity and how it breaks away from its former limits. Man becomes bionic, and connects himself to everyone and everything. Currently her pieces are made utilizing parts from technological devices such as computers or mobile phones, transformed to create poignant pieces with movement, audio and video, connecting man to possible instances of artificial intelligence and bionics.

  • Terrible aka Terri Belle

    Terrible is an artist/dj/live act from Berlin. On top of having been one of the pioneers of Berlins House & Technoscene, he always maintained his love for fine arts, noise and ambient music. He is creating installations and live performances that bring together an artistic yet playfull approach in order to create an ambience that suits the environment. Beside being a music producer who is running his own sound studio in Berlin Terri is an experienced bass player since his early teenage days and developed his own approach towards modern musical equipment to create sound experiences that might eventually turn into parties.

  • Gonçalo Mabunda

    Mabunda is most well known for his thrones. According to the artist, the thrones function as attributes of power, tribal symbols and traditional pieces of ethnic African art. They are without a doubt an ironic way of commenting on his childhood experience of violence and absurdity and the civil war in Mozambique that isolated his country for a long period. Mabunda's work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Italy, Brooklyn Museum, USA, Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea, Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf, Hayward Gallery, London, and Centre Pompidou, Paris, among others.


    As part of THEIR commitment to the idea that anyone should be able to collect art, Collectionair has joined forces with prominent contemporary galleries, collectives and institutions to produce limited-edition, museum quality prints at an affordable price. In order to provide art lovers with a diverse and exciting selection of prints, they work their magic to release a new collection of editions on a monthly basis. Each Collectionair Edition is signed and numbered by the artist, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


    Magnin-A gallery was founded by André Magnin in 2009 and is run by Philippe Boutté in Paris. They gained recognition by exhibiting contemporary African artists. In 1989, André Magnin co-curated the global art exhibition Magiciens de la terre in Paris; after which, sharing his life between Africa and Europe, he became Director of the wellknown Pigozzi Collection for 20 years, the world’s largest private collection of contemporary African art. MAGNIN-A is contributing to the international visibility of African artists who have often enriched public and private collections of international museums. MAGNIN-A works with passion and determination for the promotion and the diffusion of its artists’ work on the greatest Arts Fairs and International Exhibitions.

  • Pedro Gaspar

    Pedro is an innovator at heart. He lived across 3 continents, working in different industries, from Telco to Energy, from FinTech to Mobility - always as an innovation leader. Currently he collaborates with CEiiA, a Center for Engineering and Product Development located in Portugal, to reinvent the future of cities and urban mobility.

  • Anabela Fernandes

    Anabela is a Customer Experience Strategist and co-founder of Cocoon Experience, a company dedicated to support companies in their digital transformation through Design Thinking, Service Design and User Experience. In collaboration with clients, users and the best technology partners, Cocoon Experience recently designed the new bike sharing solution for Lisbon and the recent healthcare app My CUF.

  • Marley Fabisiewicz

    Marley Fabisiewicz is an entrepreneur, technologist and passionate digital product strategist. The founder of Upnext Technologies and spaceOS, Marley worked in music, editing, digital marketing. Today he works to foster more human experiences in worspaces inside the city, by creating communities and communication channels to make work more fun and collaborative.

  • Lurdes Ferreira

    Lurdes Ferreira is senior reporter at Público and executive editor at the moment. She mainly covers energy, environment and regulation. She co-wrote “The Energy Sector in CPLP” (Portuguese-Spoken Countries Community) and wrote “Good Regulation for Portugal in Energy and Environment – a Big Challenge”.

  • Paulo Nunes

    Having more than 21 years of experience in Information Technologies, Paulo Nunes has been in the last four years at EMEL as the company’s CIO, and in 2017 has been awarded CIO of the year 2017 for the government sector, and received the 2017 Portugal Digital Awards prize for ePark and EMEL's Mobility Platform. In his previous challenges has been Vital Dent’s CIO and PMO Leader at GE Money Portugal, being nominated for a GE Global Banking worldwide prize.

  • Fernando Resina da Silva

    Fernando Resina da Silva is one of the partners heading the TMT practice at VdA – Vieira de Almeida & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados and also responsible for IT and Emerging Technologies matters. With a Law degree and three years attendance of a Mechanical Engineering degree, he has been involved in several transactions, in Portugal and abroad, mainly focused on information and communication technologies, outsourcing, cloud computing and emerging technologies. Fernando is currently lecturer of "Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer" in the Foresight, Strategy and Innovation Post-Graduate Course, at ISEG - Lisboa School of Economics and Management. He is also lecturer at Porto Business School in the postgraduate course “IT Management”, module “Information Technologies and the Law – Technology Contracting and Protection”.

  • Leyla Acaroglu

    Known for her dynamic, high energy and creative sessions that bust through cognitive biases and rebuild optimism through action, Leyla is an award winning designer, UNEP Champion of the Earth, sociologist, and entrepreneur. She developed the Disruptive Design Method and designs cerebrally activating experiences, gamified toolkits, and unique educational experiences that help people make the status quo obsolete. Her mainstage TED talk on sustainability has been viewed over a million times. She leads presentations around the world on activating positive social change through creative interventions and systems thinking.

  • João Nuno Martins, Frontfiles

    João Nuno Martins is the founder of Front Files, a Startup dedicated to independent journalism. With a wide background from msuic studies to food process engineering and a long career in the show business, he is now fully dedicated to bring his company to a global dimension.

  • Eva Cecilia Palmér, Fashion and Code

    Cecilia Palmér is a Berlin-based designer and developer working between fashion, open source technologies, web and handicrafts. Founder of The Atlas of Wearable Crafts. Her work reflects around the relation between how textiles and technological innovation share a long common history. What opportunities can digital frameworks offer for handicrafts to thrive again? How can new technologies help craft processes find new purposes and applications in modern society? And how can the touch and feel of traditional processes integrate with the glossy interface of new technologies? She looks at the value of textile traditions for sustainability and development, culture and disruption, and how to bring the essence of craft – the perfect imperfection of the human hand – into play with new technologies and see textiles as an interface for digital interaction.

  • David Linderman, IBM iX / Aperto

    David is Berlin based Creative Director and Conceptual Designer for immersive brand experiences both in and outside of rectangular space, experiential environments, digital products and branding. He has over 15 years experience creatively managing studios and satellite startups for clients and agencies in Germany, the USA and the UK.) He talks about the intersection between culture and technology, the cross-over between emerging interfaces (wearables) IoT themes and how design is quickly transcending industries and products to hybrid services and experience in the broader sense. He focuses on what is inspiring him over the last two years from professional friends, colleagues.

  • Rudolfo Quintas, Temp Studio

    Rudolfo Quintas is a Portuguese artist and researcher that develops multi-disciplinary projects in the scope of new media and digital arts. He creates interactive audio-visual installations and sculptures, performances and software-art since the late 90's. Quintas is currently finishing a PhD in digital media art about the study of body mapping in sound and image compositional practice, involving the philosophical, cognitive, and technological dimensions in artistic creation. His artistic work has earned national and international distinctions by the way of grants, artistic residences, scholarships and art prizes like the Apoios Pontuais Portuguese DGarts grants (Directorate-General for the Arts at the Portuguese Ministry of Culture) or the Transmediale Distinction Award of the Transmediale festival in Berlin. His work is published in research journals such as Performance Research (Routledge) at conferences such as NIME - New Interfaces for Musical Expression and art editions such as the "Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory" co-edited by New Museum New York and Phaidon Press among others.

  • Artur Korycinski

    A veteran international DJ and promoter Artur8 teams up with a young music wizard Max Skiba for a unique club project known as King of Kong. Artur Korycinski spent his most creative post-teenage years in Berlin, where collaborations with then-emerging magazine Lodown resulted finally in first ppearance behind the decks. Since his very first gig back in 1994, Artur became both an avid record collector, and always competent and party-inducing DJ. Drawing inspirations from literally all over the place - Italian soundtracks, Chicago house, Detroit techno, classic Loft-styled disco Artur continues to amuse club audiences worldwide, be it Moscow, London, Gent or Copenhagen.

  • Daniel Haaksmann

    His releases and remixes talk for and from himself. Daniel is from Berlin, and one of those few individuals that can claim to have done as much for the exchange of musical ideas across the globe as a DJ, producer, remixer and...much more.

  • Georg Lauteren

    Founder of the Austrian electronic music label TRUST and the seminal media and arts center Hub XDV of Vienna, Georg Lauteren has been a digital native since the days of 8bit. He created and managed the independent music download service zero" between 2007 and 2013, published an iOS game, AGRAV, in 2015, organized numerous exhibitions and events in digital art and media and wrote extensively on the theory of video games and texts interactive. He currently lives between Vienna and Berlin.


    A meme-a-licious take on Supreme, the Suprememe team was born on the internet and plays with hypebeast and streetwear culture. Current WIP include team scarves and other accessories. Most recent work includes the WebSummit Starterpack 2017 & Meme-ory™ exclusively displayed at exhibit. | unconference | exhibition | blockparty


NOV6 1800

  • CVLT (Lisboa) x DJ Terrible (Berlim)

NOV7 1900

  • Señor Pelota (Frenzy) x Terri Belle

NOV8 1900

  • Troll 2000 (Radio Quantica) x Terri Belle

NOV9 1900

  • Sistema de Som Colectivo (by Midia Ninja) x Dj Gl03 (trust records)

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