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NOV7-9, 1600:2100

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A wearable city?

Hacking disruptive aestethics?

Entrepreneurial science?

Never heard of it? Us neither.

That’s why we’rediscussing the future.

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Digital exotic nostalgia?

Political performance participation?

Fake author market?

Never heard of it? Us neither.

That’s why we’relooking at art.

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Alt genre streaming?

Appropriation co-sign?

Vinyl wokeness sample?

Never heard of it? Us neither.

That’s why we’relistening to music.

To jump start a new chapter of this emerging district, bea.to will bring together selected visionaries from fields like technology and entrepreneurship digital and pop culture to analyze current social and economic developments but also celebrate art and music.

Hub Criativo do Beato

Rua da
120 - Lisboa